Friday, May 21, 2010

Engagement & Wedding Package

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June is coming...

May is passing by...
June is on the way... the school holiday is coming and again.... its a wedding season..
For sure, all mak andam, pak andam, wedding planner and everyone related to it will get busy on their business.

Same to me, my schedule will be pack next month.. BUT on 6th, 19th & 26th i am still available for hantaran making.

6th June 2010, Sunday
1. Room Deco @ Karak

11th June, Friday
1. Hidayah
    - Sirih Junjung (theme : Turquoise blue & Silver)
2. Fadilla from AU4
    - 7 hantaran (artificial)
    - 9 hantaran (fresh flower)

12th June 2010, Saturday
1. Ayu Firdause
    - Sirih Junjung (theme : White & Gold)
2. Beeha
    - 13 Hantaran (fresh flower theme : Red & Black & White)

19th June 2010, Saturday
1. Rina
    - Pelamin Dewan @ Pandan Lake Club